Conscious minds, consensus, you won’t find. If everyone looks out for themselves, who’s gonna look at societal problems and delve? The “invisible hand” isn’t an admissible plan when greed seeps deep, seeks and steals to be more grand. Demos kratos, the hope’s lost ghosts, are the innocents, left in a fall, the victimless, safe in a vault. Seems to denote, fiefdom, isn’t over. Still with the right to vote, freedom, is a misnomer. We’re presented with representatives unprecedentedly superlative.. Super! Let’s give them the power to speak on our behalf. We have, faith. Let’s elect policies of persons, as if there aren’t agendas behind the curtains. They work for votes in the guise of inclinations, then win and delegate the task to the next administration. Resounding un-accounting, mounting to debts, crediting our eventual threats. As they hold us in liability, we lie in instability. Currency’s on the decline, and our hands are supine, awaiting the feed of the next line.
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