Religion, re-align with superstition and suppositions; ‘perform this ceremony, or go to hell, certainly’. So you act out a scene and everything’s supposed to be serene. When something good happens, it's a reward for being pious, if something bad happens, you excuse it to, ‘He likes to try us, to see if we have faith or if we’re just gonna break’. So you kneel to a nameless wraith in hopes our souls will take. Indivisible under God, it's clearly visible we’re not. Bibles liable for libel; ‘if you believe in another’s, you’re maniacal, and in hell you’ll stifle’. Why follow fickle fiction? They rearrange their rhetoric according to the times, what was once heretic, is now not…a sign of the minds; deceitful so their purpose is fulfilled, inimical to anyone against their will. It’s typical, to get the attention of attenuated people, blind them with a security blanket and misdirect the rationale...the lack of it. Hence, holy wars, holy shit. They sold us their lores when we were kids and said, ‘stick with this and you won’t go amiss, listlessness lies within deadly sins’. In a myopic perspective, it may seem organized, but why opt it, when in the long run, it’s our demise? ..’for the betterment of the people, oh yeah, we’re better than you’. The settlement?.. A dismal dismissal of your point of view… with a missile or two. In-cognizantly contributing to the chaos theory, we go along with our cultures, cultivating a mindless, cult-like, mindset; put a wafer in your mouth, you’re safer for 7 more rounds. Kneel 5 times to the promise land… But I thought he is an omnipresent man? Crack a coconut to bless a new beginning... I guess they all lack a nut in their believing.